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A Nation of Deadbeats (2012) * Steel-Drivin Man (2006) * A People at War (with Carol Sheriff) * Iron Confederacies (1999) * Ain't Nothing but a Man (with Marc Aronson)


The Real Great Depression (2008) * The day a Dutch newspaper stole my grandmother(2008) The Paradox of the Perp Walk (2009) Mad Men in the He-Cession (2010)

Public Speaking

For speaking engagements contact the Random House Speakers Bureau

Course Materials

The Gilded PAge * Antebellum Richmond * Postbellum North Carolina * Doing US History with Swem microfilm - A Source Guide


my curriculum vita (pdf) * Bookmarks * My son - Renny * My daughter - Annie * Our photos from Ireland (2008) * Our visit to the Rock of Cashel (2008)