4 July W.W. Holden inaugurated as NC governor despite objections of Governor Worth. [Harris, Holden 244.]
Late July NC legislature passes act incorporating counties and townships. Holden is authorized to appoint municipal officials at this time, with elections to be held later. [Ashe, History of NC, Vol. 2, 1077.]
July- Aug. Holden appoints municipal officers, including Wyatt Outlaw (town commissioner in Graham).
September Jacob A. Long claims formation of White Brotherhood with six members in Alamance County. [Jacob A. Long Confession]
  Formation of Constitutional Union Guard in Alamance. [Trial 1966-1992.]
December Caswell Holt whipped. Holt swears out warrant against some of his attackers, but accused are not convicted. [SR 341-349.]
January William R. Albright elected mayor of Graham and appointed magistrate. [SR 78.]
February Allen Paisley, a black minister, leads a group of blacks impersonating KK in attacks on freedmen. Paisley and several others are arrested, tried, and imprisoned. [Trial 537-563.]
  Armed town police in Graham authorized by Mayor Albright, with members to be selected by town commission. Members include Aleck Ruffin, Henry Band and James Underwood. Total of 4 blacks and 1 white (Underwood). [Trial 1895-96, 1919, 1922.]
Feb/ March KK demonstration in Graham aimed at breaking up town police. Shots are fired. KK later claims that Henry Holt and Wyatt Outlaw fired upon them. [Trial 2237-38, 2246.]
March Calls for retaliation against KK voiced at Union League meeting in wake of Graham raid. Mayor Albright and Outlaw oppose retaliation. [Trial 1916-1918.]
  Holden sends militia troops, possibly local troops, to Alamance under command of Captain Bosher. [Trial 1893- 1900, 1919-1921.]
  Escalation of KK violence, including attacks on Joe Harvey and Squire Alston.
April WB plan to execute Caswell Holt for bringing Klansmen to court halted by Jacob Long. [Trial 2240; Third Message 146.]
12 April NC legislature passes act making wearing disguises a felony. [Greensboro Patriot, 6 June 1869.]
mid April Daniel Worth’s schoolhouse burned by White Brotherhood. [Third Message 181-184; SR 304; Trial 572-574.]
June WB leaders begin transferring membership to CUG. Number of CUG klans in Alamance rises to five.
July Wash and Nelson Morrow (sons of Jeff Morrow) burn barns of William Jones, Jesse Morrow (white), and Franklin Miner near Orange- Alamance line. Wash and Nelson are arrested, later taken from jail by WB and harassed. WB shoots Wash, who dies of his wounds. Nelson is found not guilty. [Albion W. Tourgee Papers. R9, item 1541, R10 item 1576?; Patriot 4 November 1869.]
5 August Township elections of JP’s and clerks in Graham. Outlaw probably elected to town commission at this time. [Patriot 27 May 1869.]
October Jeff and Dan (brother-in-law) Morrow hanged by WB for their supposed role in July barn burnings.
Oct- Dec. KK violence escalates again after a lull.
26 November Alonzo Corliss beaten by WB and ordered to leave Alamance. [SR 341-49.]
2 December Holden sends troops to protect Corliss, who has had several of his attackers arrested. None are indicted, and Corliss leaves the area soon afterward. [Third Message 34-36.]
16 December Senator Shoffner of Alamance introduces bill for stronger militia. [Patriot 6 June 1872; Trelease 203.]
Late December Caswell Holt visited by WB a second time. Holt is shot 7 times and taken to Graham to recuperate, where he remains until April 1870. [SR 341-49; Trial 1311-1328, 1369-71.]
January Town meeting to protest Shoffner bill held. [Trial 992-995.]
1st Monday Election of Graham town commissioners. [Trial 302.]
6 January CUG plan to kill Shoffner halted by Dr. John A. Moore. [Third Message 165-66, 178, 236; SR 25-26.]
26 February Wyatt Outlaw executed by WB in Graham. [Trial 1192-95, 1363-69; SR 31-32, 159, 259-260, 311; Jacob A. Long confession; Patriot 3 March 1870, 11 March 1870; Third Message 87-90, 212-214, 223-225; Tourgee Papers R10, item 1551, 1568.]
7 March Governor Holden declares Alamance in a state of insurrection and sends federal troops. [Third Message.]
  William Puryear murdered by WB for having knowledge of Outlaw’s killers. [Trial 519-524, 1307-1311.]
May State Senator John W. Stephens murdered by WB in Caswell County. [Third Message.]
Late May- Aug.Holden declares Caswell County in a state of insurrection and sends troops to Caswell and Alamance under Kirk’s command. [Third Message 17.]